Kittens available

Updated 5/2/18

We currently have Sphynx kittens available, please contact Mary for info and photos..

Our kittens are reared in our home and are very loving and smoochy. If you would like to call me on 021 0487456 I can send you some pix. Or email me at

Tell me a little about yourself first though please.

Don’t consider getting one if they will be alone all day. Sphynx and Devon Rex are too social and would be very unhappy. They love people or even other animals.

We are happy to fly these kittens to their new homes. Air NZ is the only pet carrier and their prices are about $200 to the South Island and about $120 to anywhere in the North Island. You will also need an airline approved cat cage valued at approximately $70. This is subject ofcourse to where Air NZ fly, and prices could change at their whim!

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