About Me

I first saw Sphynx cats at a cat show in Southern California, U.S.A. in 1996. I loved them straightaway, but at that time New Zealand didn't have any Sphynx. Then in about 2005 Sheryll Davis (New Zealand's founding Sphynx breeder) imported the first breeding Sphynx into N.Z from Scotland. I got my first Sphynx in 2007. Not only are they amazing looking, but their personalities are wonderful. They are like a cross between a cat and a dog, with the best traits of both.

I met the Devon Rex about 1994, and was cativated by their pretty faces and beautiful thick wavy coats. I brought my first Devon girl in 1999. They are a lively, robust cat with a really funky personality.

I originally starting breeding Siamese and Orientals in 1993. I think they are an amazing cat but when my last beautiful Siamese Chocolate Point died in 2007, I decided to concentrate on the Devon rex, and then aquired my first Sphynx.

I live in Red Beach on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, about 25 minutes north of the Auckland Harbour bridge. My cats are part of our family and live inside with us. We have a huge upstairs deck where they get to charge from one end to the other, and enjoy their exercise and of course the sunshine.

I am a Cat Fancy Registered Breederwww.nzcatfancy.gen.nz and CATZiINC

Anthony & Mary Grant 2013